MBUL training day Ballyhoura

Sunday 20th of September saw the second MBUL sunday spin of the new semester. We went to the trail centre in Ballyhoura, to familiarise the new bikers with off-road techniques, and then to practice those techniques on the Green loop.

MBUL new members go through how to brake correctly when offroad

MBUL new members go through a correct braking technique drill.

After going through some of the basic techniques of offroad biking and testing these out in the car park in Ballyhoura, the group then did the skills loop. After checking that everybody was feeling good, the group then went on two loops of the Green route.

MBUL group September 20th 2015

MBUL group September 20th 2015

Everybody had a good day on the trails, even though the weather was pretty wet and blustery! All had smiles on the way home, and some were tired enough to nap in the back of the Landcruiser en route back to the boathouse. We stopped off for a little treat in Castletroy, where some of our members discovered just how good the After Eight hot chocolate can be when feeling a little cold! After washing and lubricating the bikes after the spin, it was noted that today was definitely a good spin out.